Virtual Brown Bag 5/27/2010

Claudio was a no show today. As I predicted he had meetings he could not get out of.

But we powered through and covered a range of topics.

Wizards of Smart podcasts

Since our last meeting there have been 2 episodes of Wizards of Smart.

Episode 3 – Testing : http://www.theabsentmindedcoder.com/2010/05/wizards-of-smart-episode-3-testing.html

Episode 4 – Code Reviews, Work Environment, Developers : http://www.theabsentmindedcoder.com/2010/05/wizards-of-smart-episode-4.html

Ruby on Rails

I talked a bit about my experience this week with Ruby on Rails. In particular I pointed out how I enjoyed the migration functionality.


Alper pointed out that c4mvc also has a session on some .net tools for migration :

http://www.c4mvc.net/Home/Events –> March Show and Tell : Topic Database Migration Frameworks : MigratorDotNet and RikMigrations

I also point out the Dev Chix wiki for learning Ruby on Rails : http://wiki.devchix.com/index.php?title=Server_2003

The guide walks through every step from installing Ruby, rails gems, setting up git, heroku, and pushing your app to heroku. It’s a great guide for those new to rails (like me!)

SQLite Database Browser

I pointed out this tool for looking at Sqlite databases. I am using it to look at my rails database.


Domain Driven Design

Ed asked about DDD for everyday apps. I then fumbled around and gave a high level talk on how to apply some DDD principles to everyday code. I think I will work on a presentation on the subject because I find it an interesting perspective.

We did point out some DDD resources :

Greg Young on Herding Code : http://herdingcode.com/?p=189

Greg Young on InfoQ : http://www.infoq.com/interviews/greg-young-ddd

David Laribee on Deep Fried Bytes : http://deepfriedbytes.com/podcast/episode-6-talking-domain-driven-design-with-david-laribee-part-1/

Eric Evan’s book : http://www.amazon.com/Domain-Driven-Design-Tackling-Complexity-Software/dp/0321125215/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1274981635&sr=8-1

Jimmy Nilsson’s book : http://www.amazon.com/Applying-Domain-Driven-Design-Patterns-Examples/dp/0321268202/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1274981635&sr=8-2

Houston Techfest

I mentioned the Houston Techfest again and discussed some potential presentations Claudio and I might be doing.


They are still taking abstracts. Email your abstracts and bio to speakers@houstontechfest.com


I walked through some linq examples that can be found in my learning C# project in my Learning Repository : http://github.com/RookieOne/Learning

We looked at Select, my pet peeve of using a Where and then FirstorDefault, and also how to use Any instead of Count to verify if a list is not empty.

I took a poll and there was a lot of interest in doing more Linq best practices and techniques. I am working on a presentation as well and it was nice to see there was a good deal of interest.

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  1. Dude, sorry to miss it too. This makes how many brown bags in a row that we've mentioned Greg Young's Herding Code cast?